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Poster: elleti brain)(vision Date: Nov 28, 2008 12:36am
Forum: software Subject: foobar2000: old version of columns UI component

hi everybody.

I've spent a lot of time searching for a version of the columns UI components for foobar2000 that works with my fbk2 running on a win2000 pro laptop machine. Finally I've found this component here: fantastic! I've no words!
But now, downloaded the files, winRAR says that there are errors on those archives!
I want to ask: is possible that the 7z extension is in the last 2 years so changed that older files are unreadable for new archiving software? Or the problem are on the files its self?

This is the link for the wayback machine..*/

(And I've attached the files I'm talking about.. Maybe they could be useful to solve the problem.. I hope..)

Someone could help me, please? Thank you.. (This service is really great!)

Attachment: foo_ui_columns-0.1.3-beta1v7.7z
Attachment: foo_ui_columns-0.1.3-beta1v6-TEST.7z
Attachment: foo_ui_columns-0.2.7z